Real Estate / Monitoring and Technical Control

Stay informed on the fulfillment and performance of the services entrusted to contractors

We offer our clients a wide range of real estate consulting services; from standard solutions to the most innovative ones.

Monitoring and Technical Control activities are aimed at informing the client on the exact fulfillment /performance of the services entrusted to contractors. The activation of this service has the ultimate goal of verifying the services performance, the achievement of corporate and social objectives, compliance with tender documents, contractual documents and current regulations.

The sectors in which the activities of Monitoring and Technical Control are provided are:

  • Energy: surveys and microclimatic monitoring, control of the execution of plants, verification of plant yields, monitoring and control of energy service contracts
  • Supplies: control of compliance of supplies with the specifications of the Contracting Authority, verification of economic and temporal congruity
  • Balance Sheet: technical and administrative checks of findings and consistency of real estate, taxation of the building, profitability of the building, appraisals, Due Diligence
  • Financed Works: monitoring of the interventions financed with public funds, verification of technical adequacy of the works realized by the beneficiary, verification of costs and time of development of the initiative
  • Maintenances: technical-inspection checks on the maintenance of various works, underground works, public lighting systems, green areas, building structures, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, fire-fighting systems